From the first letter to surrender – how to plan a bachelor’s degree

From the first letter to surrender - how to plan a bachelor's degree

You usually have two semesters for a bachelor thesis. At first glance it may seem like a long time. But the opposite is true. The semester runs away like water and you will nervously correspond to the last lines a few days before handing over the whole work. Do not underestimate planning and start on time.

You’ve certainly heard stories about how people managed to write a bachelor’s degree in a week. But if you are not very familiar with the topic, it will be very difficult. Moreover, the result will be known and the stress is definitely not worth it.

The work plan is the foundation of success – and not just that

The plan will save you a lot of nerves and in addition you will know how much time is left. Go through the following lines from the first letter to submitting your work and find out how and how to plan your time correctly.

Right start

Before you agree on the topic of your work, you should know what you are up to. Find out the basic information, read an article or excerpt from the textbook, or consult your classmates. However, if you have underestimated this point, you do not have to hang your head. Bachelor thesis can be done anyway. However, you should start researching the literature as soon as possible. It will help you to plan your entire job. You will find out how much information you have available or whether you will still need to find it.

Importance of content

Every trainer expects something different from students. Some will leave it to you, the other will require exact dates. The first extreme is probably the worst – if you have such a trainer, you should make your own rules to get the job done on time.

Your first task should be to design the content that you then discuss with your consultant or supervisor. At the same time, you agree on what is expected and what is not at work. Therefore, content is very important and you should be clear about it.

Proposal of practical part

Every bachelor thesis is a bit different. Differences are evident, for example, in the length of the text, but mainly differ in the practical part. If you have to process a questionnaire, it may not take you as much time as you do, for example, some research. Nevertheless, always start with the practical part as soon as possible. You never know what can happen.

Once you have compiled the content of your bachelor thesis, pay attention to the practical part immediately. You should work on it during both semesters, and if you do it earlier, you will at least get time to prepare for the final state exam.

Deadlines for submission

Arrange with your supervisor whether you will submit the work in chapters or otherwise. Then set deadlines for their submission. It will make you write, and at the same time you will let the trainer know when to take the time to check the job.

If you’re starting to write since September, you should be able to write the first part in the same year, that is, Christmas. You can set another term one month after the exam. The third time a month before you hand over and finish your work, send it to your trainer well in advance.

Leave at least a week to print

You will know how the boards of your work will look ahead. And this is useful because it takes the longest to make the plates. For example, you may need to set up the hardcover for up to a month in advance, then just go to the appropriate printing or bookbinding shop, have the job printed, bind it, and in the same day you can take it away. However, at least a week should be left to hand if a problem arises. We also recommend that you check the office hours of the relevant study department.

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