Get instant access to over 10,000 case studies

Get instant access to over 10,000 case studies

Case studies can be used to indicate why a certain thing happened or to tell a story, among other things. The most popular use for case studies is to analyze human beings. Case studies can be used in curriculum vitae or as a way of gauging the current performance of an individual or group of people.

Topics for Case Studies

If a case study is to be used, then the following topics must be included. These topics may vary depending on the research you are doing. Students may have to choose topics they are interested in. They may decide to focus on business processes or life skills, among others. You will also need to include themes that are potentially pressing to your study.

  • Social life

This should center around a person, group of people, or event. It should relate to whatever the purpose of the case study is. Typically, case studies involve individuals in specific groups because of their unique situation. If a specific activity happened among women, you should then consider a case study on women.

  • Anatomy

This is a good theme to explore, especially if your lecturer has never tackled this kind of topic. This might be a high priority for you as a student. Your lecturer may have been doing research that focused on different aspects of anatomy. It is best to explore other areas that influence the skeleton. Your topic should take into account the possible effects that history or current events could have on the skeleton. Also, it is best to touch on differences that exist between males and females and how they relate to certain situations. This is not an easy topic to tackle as most students would rather look at life as it actually is. If you decide to tackle this topic, then it is best to consider your background in anthropology, sociology, ecology, etc., all of which can help you in understanding this subject.

  • Wings

You may choose to focus on structures or their evolution. This can relate to biology, art history, or any other related field. The structure might be a particular organ or a particular era. It might have a particular dress style, language, or religion associated with it. Many people use this topic to explain similarities or differences between the groups they belong to. If you choose to go this route, make sure your theme relates to your lecturers’ research, or a professor or professor mentor may be interested in this area.

  • Energy

If the body is energy, then a case study would have to focus on how energy works. This could be a group of people that participate in a sport, person, or event. You could also go for phenomena, for example, the way energy flows within the body or the way energy varies in its energy.

  • Existence

This topic can be very useful for yourself as a student, or to help your lecturer understand your personality more. This could relate to other issues or topics in your specialization or field. This could also be a chance for you to discuss your ideas and personalities in detail. Your teachers might use it to test your thinking, motivation, and, perhaps most importantly, to evaluate your strength.

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