Get The Best Structure For Your Dissertation Introduction And Conclusion

Essential Introduction and Conclusion


  1. Introduce your dissertation topic.
  2. Arguments are made in the introduction of the dissertation.
  3. The reason for the research is stated in the conclusion of the dissertation.

Structure of an Excellent Dissertation Introduction

A introduction is always a crucial part of a dissertation. Its purpose is to make the reader understand what the project is all about and bring the readers up to speed with the topic being studied. Therefore, it is in this section that students delve into the question at hand.

A well-written introduction should provide the reader with some background information on what the project is all about, the kind of research one will be undertaking, and the readers that will be involved. That said, structuring the introduction of a dissertation should be in line with these steps:

Integral Questions

A thesis statement helps define the entire dissertation. It is often stated in the introduction paragraph of a dissertation. It is to be stated in such a way that it does not appear anywhere else in the article. A dissertation question should always be directed towards that particular area of study and should be broad enough to be intriguing.

An Excellent Dissertation Introduction Is Clear

It would be best to narrow down the scope of the paper by using questions that the research will cover in detail. However, the introduction should be enough so that the reader has a clear picture of what the paper will encompass.

Entails a Research Question

Like a research question, an introduction needs to be able to stimulate the reader to keep reading. The topic should be sufficiently unclear so that it would not be impossible to settle on an individual thesis statement. Some writers may find this tedious, thus straining the reader’s patience.

Structure of an Excellent Dissertation Conclusion

Like an introduction, a dissertation conclusion is almost the same as the introduction. The overall format here is the same as that for the introduction segment. However, it is usual to include a thesis statement at the end.

Structure of an Ideal Dissertation Introduction and Conclusion

The structures to adopt when writing a dissertation are quite flexible depending on the nature of the project. However, it is worth considering that most of these different dissertation structures may, in fact, depend on the type of dissertation being written. Where a dissertation is mainly on the theory or methodology of research, then it is advisable to not use a precise structure. Where the research will likely have more to say about the estimation of figures and the field, then a precise one will be common.

What the above means is that students need to ensure that their dissertation paper is appropriately structured before being sent. Structure your paper appropriately, and you will be good to go.

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