How do you plan your thesis to get it done in time?

How do you plan your thesis to get it done in time?

The diploma thesis is entered in the first semester of the master’s degree. From that point on, it’s time to run for you – all four semesters. At first glance you may seem to have quite a lot of time. However, if you underestimate your diploma, stress, worry and remorse, you will certainly not avoid it.

Start on time

Four semesters are a really long time – and you need to work with it. First, start searching for the necessary information, get to know the topic, learn the necessary methods and prepare the groundwork for the practical part. And you can do all this ideally in the first semester.

Arrange the content of the work

Before the end of the first semester, you should be clear about what your job content will look like. Once you have created it, send it to your trainer and then complete the necessary items as part of your comments or consultation. Content will tell you when you work and help you with your next planning.

Think about research

Start your research at the beginning of the second semester. Find out what will be needed, how long it will take and what the trainer expects from you. Then consult your conclusions with him. By the end of the third semester, research should be ideally done. The free fourth semester will then serve you well if something goes wrong or stretches.

Divide your work into smaller parts

Dividing a big task into a few smaller ones is the basis of success. The diploma thesis offers a division into individual chapters. Then set a fixed date when these chapters will be ready. The length of the intervals between parts will depend on their amount, exam period or your holiday. Present these terms to your consultant or supervisor. In such a case, you will simply have to keep them and there is no risk of shifting.

Prepare hard boards in advance

If you are writing a diploma, you certainly already have an idea of ​​how the print is similar, more precisely the bachelor thesis. For sure, we would rather remind you that it is advisable to order hardboards in advance. Their preparation takes longer than printing the work itself. What they should look like, you know. Therefore, order them at least a month in advance.

Leave your last semester free

At the end of the study you will be waiting for demanding statesmen. If you leave your last minute writing, maybe you can get it together, but there won’t be enough time left for the exams. Therefore, leave the final semester for the final adjustments and try to finish most of the work earlier.

But as is usually the case, most plans will collapse more or less, so some time to go will definitely come in handy. And if you already know that you underestimated your diploma work, we will be happy to help you with the preparation of the materials. Send us a non-binding order and then agree on a possible procedure.

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