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Steps in Developing a Dissertation Introduction Chapter

It is essential to note that your introduction chapter is not the last chapter of your dissertation. The purpose of it is to explain to the reader why your paper is so significant. In this section, you are expected to highlight the primary results that you intend to discuss in the paper. Furthermore, you should then show the reader why they should care about the topic of your paper.

Your introduction chapter should bring out your approach to the field of study in detail. Therefore, you need to organize your thoughts and efforts into succinctly introducing the reader to your work. Additionally, your introduction chapter should serve as a repository of your methodologies and approaches to completing the research.

Fortunately, you can incorporate a variety of methods in your dissertation introduction chapter. You should consider elaborating on your particular research design and methodology so that it is clear to your audience. Furthermore, you should strive to ensure that you only use relevant information in your sections. This is something that you can achieve by utilizing excellent formatting style when writing the introduction part.

Your Dissertation Introduction Chapter Should be Short

The introduction of your dissertation should center around the problems you want to address in your writing. The length of your introduction chapter should therefore reflect the difficulty of the topic you wish to study. Additionally, a dissertation should not be excessively long. You should be able to cover all the bases when writing this section. You can likewise adopt the following strategies when you are writing the introduction part.

  • Be mindful of the word count—of the subheadings included in your dissertation introduction chapter, the word count should not exceed 40. This is the recommended limit so that you do not run out of ideas on your subject.
  • Keep the intro relevant. In this case, your introduction chapter should address the main problem or research question that you wish to address. You can then find a suitable format for condensing all of the arguments and thoughts you want to convey in the introduction part.
  • Ensure your introduction chapter is short. Avoid going overboard and exceeding the word count when you are writing the introduction chapter.

It is important to note that your dissertation’s introduction is merely a synopsis of your work. Therefore, it should only serve to introduce the reader to the main point of your paper. When the reader has an idea of what your dissertation is about, they are more likely to care about the research and contribute more insight into the study.

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